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The Collapse of Civilization –- Damn Close

I really wanted to see a movie. Simple desire. Now that we live in the burbs, we I don’t have access to all the wonderful old theaters in the big city. I knew what I was getting into here. It’s … Continue reading

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Ghost Dog at Our Feet

Mozy had been with us for over a year when Zoom arrived. We were cautious about how they met, backyard first so neither of them felt hemmed in. After a few sniffs, and the new boy demanding some play, they … Continue reading

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My New Bike: At Least I Missed the Creek

You never forget. Just like riding a bike. Something I reminded myself as I extracted myself from an Alder tree. In the memory fog, most of us have a rite of passage story about our first bike ride. It’s the … Continue reading

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My Improbable Dahlia Habit

Another happy surprise I took from Portland. I am a dahlia guy. Growing up, I hated yard work. In the desert, it was a hot, nasty business that ended with me wheezing and sneezing nonstop in front of the air … Continue reading

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The First Portland Apartment Porch Mystery

Good grief, it has been a long time since I have had the time to sit down and write. The last 2 months of the move have been one task after another. I enjoy feeling productive and genuinely enjoy the … Continue reading

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Portland the First Time: My Euphoria Story

As Sally and I get ready to leave Portland, it occurred to me I have been clear why I am leaving, but not so revealing about why I came here. So, this tale will be one of a series of … Continue reading

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Heading for the T-Places

I have an admission. From the mid-1980’s when I arrived here until a few months ago, I had no idea there was a difference between the cities of Tigard and Tualatin. I knew they were somewhere south of Portland. I … Continue reading

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My Best Live Show… Ever

With over 1,000 shows on my list, as I watched the snow fall, I thought about which one was the pinnacle. I could go big, Bowie, Stones, Who, Eagles in the 70s. But as my memory pot simmered, and everything … Continue reading

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The End of Mystery

Surfing Netflix, I came across the 1998 movie, “As Good as It Gets.” If you haven’t seen it, just the on-screen time between Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, who both won Academy Awards, is worth the 2 hours. About 90 … Continue reading

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Does America Only Have 3 Years Left?

I was awash in hope for the great American experiment. It is a wonderful notion, this idea that a wildly diverse collection of humans would gather to commit themselves to a creed, a collection of ideas. Through the flaws at … Continue reading

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